Karthun: Land of Conflict

The Story So Far... (Part 2, Thunderspire Mountain)

The party make their way to the hunting lodge of Jacob Halfmoon, Kithri’s uncle. On the outskirts of his property, they encounter a small band of orcs and an Ogre. When the party arrives at Jacob’s they find evidence of a struggle and large amounts of blood. Jacob is no where to be found. The party follows the tracks to a small ruined keep on a hill. There they encounter more ogres and hobgoblins who are members of the Skullsplitter tribe. The Skullsplitters are known slavers, and there is a thriving slave market in Thunderspire Mountain. After defeating the Skullsplitters, the party rescue a human woman, Xavia (Human rogue), and a blue storm cougar. Kithri names the cougar Jenna, and bonds with it. Xavia joins the party.

On the road, Xavia reveals she is searching for her kidnapped father. The party encounters a group of dwarves looking for a missing envoy. The party continues to Thunderspire Mountain with a two-fold purpose: find and rescue Jacob Halfmoon and help Nord complete his quest to destroy the Shrine of Baphomet.

In the entry corridor, the party is told to pay an entry toll. As some party members begin to pay, Kithri rushes in to the toll room, to look for her uncle. A fight ensues. The party stumbled onto an extortion racket run by an offshoot of the Skullsplitters. Unfortunately, they disrupted an undercover sting operation. The party revived and released the three undercover hobgoblins without finding out who they represented. The Skullsplitter’s hostage, a member of the wait-staff from the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall of Thunderspire Mountain, gratefully takes the party to the inn. There Kithri confides in her cousin, Rendel Halfmoon, that their mutual uncle is missing. Rendel advises Kithri to be cautions as the Halfmoon clan has many enemies and their position in Thunderspire is not as strong and secure as it is in Fallcrest. At Gendar’s Reagents, the party meets Gendar, a drow storekeeper who buys “trinkets and collectibles” found in the caverns of the mountain and below it. He sells one such trinket to Staasi, a small figurine she believes might have something to do with her quest for her father. It compels her to seek out the ruins of Fastormel. Avorra purchases a map of the Mountain from House Azer.

The party sets out for the Chamber of Eyes, rumored hideout of the Skullsplitters and travels along the Great Bridge.. Near the end, the party is ambushed by a group of mercenaries including a couple of thugs, three wizards, a fighter, and…Xavia.

Xavia attacks Kithri, then weaves through the party. Several try to strike her to no avail. Stassi tries to trap her and some of the thugs in a shroud of darkness. Xavia shouts, “The Halfmoon Clan should be careful with whom they interfere”. When the darkness dissipates, Xavia is gone. Staasi, bribes Serelhar, who had previously met and flirted with Avorra in a chance encounter to switch sides. The thugs and two of the three wizards are killed. The wizards were triplets, collectively called Sarven. They seemed to share one mind. Distraught at losing its brothers, the third threw himself from the bridge. Where Xavia had stood, there was a bag and a ring. The bag contained the head of Jacob Halfmoon’s animal companion, Mane. The ring bore the crest of Armos Kamroth.

The part continued to the Chamber of Eyes which was an old temple to Torog, the King of Crawls. The party fought their way through hobgoblins, humans, and goblins, until they entered a chamber where it appeared a group of Duergar were in the middle of a transaction with the tribe. Kithri’s uncle, Jacob was there in chains. The tribe and the party fought, when the fight was disrupted by a purple worm bursting through the floor. The worm attacked and ate indiscriminately. A quick truce was formed as both the party and the few remaining Skullsplitters fled.




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