Welcome to the world of Karthun: Lands of Conflict, a 4th-edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS world where heroes of all shapes, sizes and moral character struggle to stem the tide of seemingly endless and catastrophic evil. From the insidious plots of evil gods and demon princes, to the clandestine machinations of corrupted nobles and leaders of nations, Karthun is a world seeded with conflict and built upon ruins of wars beginning with dawn of creation itself.

Karthun is a world based on the core mechanics and backdrop of 4th-edition Dungeons and Dragons and while I am writing and building Karthun to be a setting players and DMs can use for years to come, do not be surprised to see touches of inspiration from other campaign setting or supplements.

Karthun is growing both in size and detail. From humble beginnings in towns like Fallcrest to the blood-soaked halls of the Chapel of Strife in the deepest recesses of the Abyss, players traverse a world of high fantasy themes with (hopefully) memorable NPCs and locations.

RECENT UPDATES: Added the city map for the elven city of Evenhome

The continent of Karthun in progress..

Landmass and major topography complete. Now to add the locations and roads

Karthun Progress 4

Karthun: Land of Conflict

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